Dishing Up: Burns Night 2017

Burns Supper 2017A night of Scottish classics…

This year’s Burns Supper included exploration of that great chieftain o the puddin’-race with clapshot and a timely rewatching of Trainspotting.

Still vital after 21 years, the film that made stars of its leads and director stands as one of the great British films. Somehow it managed to transcend the power and zeitgeist of 1996, that powerful year when Britpop was at its peak and Cool Britannia “in the mail”. Beautifully shot, but not overshowy, laugh out loud funny and genuinely moving. It’s still got the power to shock and entertain.

Fortunately, the Haggis and Clapshot was wolfed down with some Scotch before the gruelling early scenes of the film that I’d forgotten flicked on the screen so early. Others in the room weren’t quite so lucky.

Poor devil!

Haggis, Neeps, Tatties and Clapshot

Fresh Chives, Floury potatoes, Swede, Dijon mustard, Lemon (juiced), Wholegrain mustard, Sea salt, freshly ground White Pepper, Butter, Double cream, Haggis, Whisky.


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