Bowie: The Berlin Commute

A year before his nostalgia-soaked comeback single Where Are We Now did much the same, I took a walk through Berlin. Or rather, a commute.

From the flat David Bowie shared with Iggy Pop for three years at Hauptstraße 155, Schöneberg, along to the Hansa Studios where Bowie recorded part of Low and all of Heroes with producers Brian Eno and Tony Visconti. Past the Hochbunker Pallasstraße in Schöneberg, where the stilted flats hug a huge war bunker no one could blow up after the war. Through the Potsdamer Platz. Past the grass verge and raised pipes that have taken the space of the Wall – where Bowie once unwittingly saw Visconti in an embrace and was inspired to write Heroes.

In 2012, I combined these these spots into a mural for three famous residents of the area, at one time or another, Bowie, Pop and Christopher Isherwood. The final section’s above, But inspired by Adam Buxton’s brilliant BUG: David Bowie Special, on a limited tour at the moment and reawakening memories of  the Where Are We Now? of 2013, here’s the route itself.


> Where Are We Now, The Next Day, David Bowie, 2013




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