Ghostbusters: Slimed before launch

I inadvertently saw Ghostbusters on opening night, that most maligned of maybe, not quite remake reboots ... that got me thinking about the 1980s, where everything from publicity, film production to politics and projection has changed. This isn't really a review, but really features spoilers. Monday 11 July 2016. A day, like everyone so far this July,... Continue Reading →

EU Referendum: Murky Times

No polemic yay or nay that image elementally says it all for me. No, this is a not-so-quick glimpse at the extraordinary state Britain finds itself in mid-2016. Doesn’t Eurovision seem a long time ago? I know, everyone’s thinking about that today. And still people are clamoring for a Referendum rendition of Sweden’s Love Love Peace... Continue Reading →

Me, you, EU and Eurovision

Ah Eurovision... "Love shine a light..." So soon, has it really been a year? Truth is, little takes over May like Eurovision, which is saying a lot in the UK where it competes from the centrepoint of two public holidays. But yet again, while it seems ever-bigger every year, little else fades from view so quickly. That's... Continue Reading →

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